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audi 80 diesel strange prob.

fARQUARE Mar 10, 2009


    fARQUARE Member

    Posting on behalf of a friend with no net access.

    car: audi 80 1.9 diesel avant 90bhp 1994


    Every now and again, water temp starts creeping up (says it usually sits about 65 - now creeping to 85), at the same time the power steering goes very heavy.

    Car is not loosing water, no obvious signs of HG failure (problem is intermittant).

    My first thought was fan belt slipping/loose or a leak on to the belt causing water pump to work less efficiently and the p/s pump to work less well also.
    However, the car starts fine so that throws me of the scent somewhat.

    As i have NO idea about these engines (i've seen under the bonnet once), and i have no Manual for it i was wondering if somone could describe the aux belt set up to me.

    if theres a seperate belt for the alternator and the p/s/water pumps then things start to make sense. If not i'm stumped.

    The heavy steering and the hot coolant are obiously related with the common thread being a belt - is it possible to have a belt tight enough to run the alt but not the pas and water pumps?

    Any thoughts on this are welcome, as i say i have no diesel expertise and i'm basing assumption on the blocks/aux belts being similar to the vw golf GTI's i've owned and the 1.8 avant i own now.


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