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Audi 80 Biodiesel

audinewbie May 18, 2012

  1. audinewbie

    audinewbie New Member

    Hi i have just purchased an Audi 80 1900 TDI SE 1994 model. I am looking to save a few quid by running her on bio diesel. Has anyone any experience with this? I'm not sure what bio-normal diesel ratio i should be going for or if i need to replace the filter etc. Any advice would be most welcome

  2. audibur

    audibur New Member

    i cant imagine you would have much of a problem. I had friend who was running his 80tdi on veg oil during the warmer months of the year and it never missed a beat. I have a 2001 audi A4 TDI with the 'apparently' delicate PD injectors, and i run her on B100 Biodiesel. so far ive done 3000 miles and still going fine :)

    fARQUARE Member

    I have a slightly newer 96 afn tdi a4 and ran on bio for about 7 months without issue.
    Only problems I had was waxing in the cold weather (-15).
    Went back to diesel and 60k miles later no issues with the car
  4. Audi_Drew

    Audi_Drew New Member

    I also have a 1994 Audi 80 TDi. I have been running her on biofuel since March this year.
    Firstly a fuel filter change after running on Bio-diesel for the first 1000 miles or so and every service interval after that will help to ensure that the filter does not get blocked up with too much sediment as the Bio will clean the system slowly but surely. Injector cleaner added to the Bio will also help clean the system. Fuel pump may get a bit clogged after a while and will also need cleaning. But apart from that 100% Bio-diesel will work fine. Long live the Audi 80 the original and best. Audi's current success is built on the reliability of this wonderful car.

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