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Audi 80 as donor car for build project

larsdahlberg Jul 23, 2006

  1. larsdahlberg

    larsdahlberg New Member

    Hi Forum,
    i'm in the process of building a mid engine sports car and plan to use an Audi 80 (later model) non quatro as a donor car for steering, steering colums, calipers and tranny.

    I've been searching the net for hours to try to find out wheelbase and track width. Is there anyone who could help out (I assume there are different versions so if you know which year and model that would be really nice).

    I'm also looking for gear box ratios (including diff ratio) so I can choose the right gear box for my applications. I have found all ratios for Audi 100 trannies but not for Audi 80. Any one know of a source?

    Kind Regards
    Lars Dahlberg
  2. scotty33

    scotty33 Member

    For type 89 (B3) cars, the 80/90 has a wheelbase of 2546mm, front track of 1411mm, rear track 1430mm (disc brake model). I know these cars used a wheel offset (ET) of 45mm.
    The Later B4 cars I do not have any figures for, but the front ball joints are different, causes the front wheels to be set further forwards, so wheelbase will be longer, I guess approx 20mm? Also these B4 cars use a wheel offset of 37mm, not sure how this this is achieved, or whether the track is different.

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