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Audi 80 2L 16v wont start

harvey22 Jun 10, 2007

  1. harvey22

    harvey22 tryin to get going!

    The car has broken down 2 times resulting in tows home.On advice from another forum I changed the distributor. The car is cranking over but wont catch. Distributor is working fine( as I nearly killed myself with a shock from it!!)
    the engine smells strongly of pertrol when trying to turn over.
    checked all the vacuum pipes..no tear's or splits.

    any advice on where to go for this novice mechaninc with no manual!!!

  2. Rev-head

    Rev-head Active Member

    Hi Gary and welcome to ASN .......see when you say it just stopped and you got towed home did the fault go away and start again so you broke down twice?.have you taken out the plugs to see if they are wet with petrol?.......have you checked the Fuel-pump relay as well as changed fuel filter?.........
  3. robonmac

    robonmac Member

    One thing always worth checking on the 2.0 16v engines is the rubber section from the air flow meter to the throttle body.this has a tendency to crack and perish especially at the jubilee clip on the throttle housing.The slightest air leak here can cause the engine not to start.
    Hey i'm back!!!!

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