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Audi 2.5 TDI (180) German Tuning Box Was £395

Rossy Jan 22, 2012

  1. Rossy

    Rossy Member

    Right, due to perchase of my A8 and the sale of my A6 Allroad someone has the chance of a bargain....

    This is a German made high quality Tuning Box that simply plugs in to the FuelPump...

    My Allraod was adveraging a mere 16-18MPG before fitting (only short trips) and went to 23MPG.

    On the Motorway it acheaved 38-40MPG all this and 241BHP and no smoke at all!!

    1st come 1st served....

    £200, cheap at half the price....oh wait....it is half the price...and its only been used on the car 6 months and in original box with instructions etc...

    I'll give it a week on here before it goes on fleebay.


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