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Audi 2.0 Tdi advice

bad-vw-boy Mar 18, 2011

  1. bad-vw-boy

    bad-vw-boy Member

    Hi all looking for a little advice , having sold my b5 s4 I am after a slightly more economical estate. I am going to see a 05 2.0 Tdi Avant manual with leather , the car has 130k on the clock and has fsh the cluth and flywheel have been changed recently he is asking £5300 is this a fair price to pay and is there anything I should be aware of cheers
  2. shawshankuk

    shawshankuk Glu Kru

    You should read the sticky regarding the balance shaft failure.

    I think it affected quite a lot of 2005 models. I was in the same position as you and did some research. I bought a 56 reg.

    My car has the Engine code BRE which I know are ok after loads of reading. You should search the "Balance Shaft Failure" as it would possibly be the most expensive mistake you could make.

    Im not saying all 2005 models are affected but one to watch out for.
  3. Wrath

    Wrath Well-Known Member

    All 2005 engines are likely to have the affected BLB engines which all have the oil balancer defect. £2k to change the defect or far more if/when it goes wrong.

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