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Audi 2-0 FSI Sport rear tyre sizes

facemask93 Apr 22, 2011

  1. facemask93

    facemask93 New Member

    Hi guys , this is a great forum , not had my car long , so i would like to start making a few changes , any ideas would be greatfully received , but to start , i've got two Eagle 235-45ZR-17's which i need to sell or use would i be able to run them on the back wheels , and move the two Continental 225-45R-17's on to the front wheels , reason being , the front tyres need changing and these 235's are taking up space

    Cheers fella's

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    Its best to run the same size tyres all around, but as you've got the 235 tyres already, putting them on the rear won't really affect your drive.

    Only thing is... you'll probably face the same dilemma further down the line when your 225 front tyres wear out and you're still left with good 235's on the rear.

    Might be best to sell the 235s now and buy new 225s.
  3. sub39h

    sub39h Active Member

    if you were running quattro then i'd DEFINITELY be running the same size tyres all around. as you don't have quattro this isn't so imperative, but i agree with aythree that you might as well cut your losses now and make sure all the tyres are the same size otherwise you're just delaying the problem rather than sorting it.
  4. facemask93

    facemask93 New Member

    Thanks guys , i did'nt see what was staring me in the face , i am just delaying the problem , it's good to know they fit though , many thanks for the answers

    Last edited: Apr 22, 2011

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