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Audi 17 refurbished alloys and very good tyres

Tony5496 May 11, 2014

  1. Tony5496

    Tony5496 Member

    Four refurbished Audi alloys for sale with tyres. Fully refurbished by a firm in London to a very high standard . No Scratches no marks no buckles . Four great tyres,
    2 x tyres are marshal power racer -2 235/45/R17 like new maybe done 200 miles tread is 7.98 mm
    2 x tyres are tornado alpha 235/45/R17 with 6.86 mm tread
    These have been taken off my Audi cabriolet on a 53 reg .
    The size inside the alloy is 7.5J x 17 H2
    ET 45 may fit other models but please check
    3x alloys are the same Audi wheels but one wheel has a Norway stamp and Audi stamped in it looks the same and doesn't effect any performance or look . £350 location in Brighton

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