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Audi 100 GL 5E ?

Blade Sep 5, 2007

  1. Blade

    Blade New Member

    On a bit of a nostalgia trip here but when I was a kid my folks had a green metallic/coral upholstery 1977 Audi 100 GL 5E. I remember collecting it on 1st August 1977 the day the 'S' plates arrived and we were just blown away by the attention the car received whenever we parked it up. No car I've owned since has stopped people in the street like that did. Might have been the sticker in the back window that said 'The Worlds First 5 Cylinder Production Car' ??

    Some water in the fuel contamination screwed up the Bosch K jetronic injection and left the car off the road for 6 weeks while various dealers tried to fix it. The folks gave up on it and traded it for a Granada Ghia which could never match the gorgeous grumble from the Audi's 5 cylinder engine. They later went back to Audi owning a 200 5E and later the newer slippery shaped 200 Turbo.

    Anyway I just wanted to find some pics of the outside and inside of one of these cars because I can't remember what it looked like, think it had extra guages in the lower centre console. Anyone point me in the right direction ?? Be much appreciated..
  2. enda1

    enda1 Member


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