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Audi 100 E Avant Auto - new gearbox

badger81mini Aug 10, 2004

  1. badger81mini

    badger81mini New Member

    I own a 1992 2.0E 100 Avant automatic which is slipping badly on the change from 3rd to 4th. I have been told that I need a recon gearbox as it is more cost effective than rebuilding the old one. Can anyone give me a rough price to expect and any other options I have?

    The car has covered 91K miles so I am a little pigged-off because the rest of the car is fine.


  2. 28v6

    28v6 Guest

    You're looking around the £1300 - £1500 range......You have no reason to be pigged off at the car, you've lasted the life expectancy of the auto box any way... The boxes are very soft and in general only last to the 90k mark any way, the only way to "Try" and combat Fatigue is to change the fluids and filters REGULARLY!!!! i.e every 12 months or 12k miles, very much like servicing the car itself, that way you may get longer out of the box..

    Best bet is to obtain as much detail of the box i.e type etc and trawl Ebay for a new or replacement box. OR look to a specialist Autobox repairer, and I mean SPECIALIST there are a lot of Cowboys out there, ask to get a tour of the workshop, see around, ask for references etc of jobs done, as the last thing you wanna do is to commit to a cowboy then have to go back 6-9 months down the line for another 5-600 repair bill. (talking from experience here...) You could be lucky here and be experiencing a topic called flairing, where the box "appears" to slip between third and fourth, this would lead to a valve box rebuild, hence the 500 - 600 repair bill...

    Fingers crossed....Good Luck!
  3. moschino

    moschino Member


    If you don't mind a 2nd hand box then try the following contact. They can ship the item to you or to a agrage of your choice.

    Don't forget to give them all the information you can, engine/gearbox code etc.........

    Overton Dismantlers
    Overton Garage Ltd
    off Dyce Drive
    Scotland AB21 0EQ
    Tel: 00.44.1224.722354
    Parts Fax: 00.44.1224.775451
    General Fax:00.44.1224.722457
    Email : sales@overtongarage.co.uk



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