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Audi 100 2.0E 1993 - Fuel delivery Problem

tony88 Sep 15, 2005

  1. tony88

    tony88 New Member


    My problem is the car will not start. It turns over and fires as its cranking but the engine just will not run. The fuel pump seems OK, but could it be a relay - could it be operating but faulty?
    Fuel pressure regulator?
    ECM? (Does it have one of these as well?)
    Is it a sensor somewhere?
    After that there’s the fuel injection unit, could it be something electrical or electronic inside that? What if I took it apart, I'm quite good at working things out unless they're sealed units or electronic.

    Any advice you can give wd be much appreciated. If anyone wants me to call them to discuss this rather than type a suggestion, I'd be very happy to. I have free international and mobile calls to use up, so I can call anywhere, and anytime if you are abroad). Either text me on +44 7802 470 575 or send me an email or reply to the forum. Mnay thanks
    Regards, Tony Taylor - tonytaylor88@yahoo.com
  2. Rev-head

    Rev-head Active Member

    Hi Tony
    What sort of Mileage has the engine got?
    Has there been any signs of the this about to happen before it did?(Hard to start,Jerking,Running on,cutting out when coming to a stop,)

  3. 28v6

    28v6 Guest

    Sounds a bit like the crank shaft sensor may need cleaned and regapped/ replaced, that would give the same symptom that you describe. But then again as Rev says without further details it could be a variety of things....
  4. MHage

    MHage New Member

    Hi , I've just posted a similar problem i've got with my 16v Coupe , I was wondering if you had any luck sorting it yet as I'm at my wits ends with mine , cheers.

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