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Audi 1.8T Exhaust / Mk4 Golf exhaust ??

treebo88 Dec 7, 2013

  1. treebo88

    treebo88 New Member

    Just bin looking at exhausts on ebay for a a3 1.8t 1999 , There isn't many on there at a fair price in all honesty im not too worried if its a cheaper make im not after power, im just after a bit of sound to go with the looks of the turbz lol

    now ive found this Sportex VW Golf mk4 performance exhaust system 1.8T GTi 20v turbo 10/1997-2004 | eBay

    Am I right in thinking this would be a direct fit for my a3 ? I know a lot will prob diss me for looking at sportex etc but ive had a few of these and never had a problem so cant see why it wont be just as good for my a3 but any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Prawn

    Prawn My other car is a MINI!!!!

    Generally speaking, A3 exhausts have a kink down at the tailpipes to come out under the bumper.

    Mk4 golf exhaust go straight out at this point, and will fit an A3 but require a tiny trim on the rear panel which takes 30 seconds with some tin snips.

    Normally, a mk4 golf exhaust will sit and look far better on an A3 than an actual A3 exhaust, but you will need to create your own bumper cut out :)
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  3. treebo88

    treebo88 New Member

    I don't mind having to cut the bumper its not a problem I shall look into one of these systems then, hopefully ill find one with a better tip tho ;-)

    Cheers buddy that's exactly the advice I was looking for :) Legend !!

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