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Attn 'ring vets.

Amchlolor Nov 8, 2007

  1. Amchlolor

    Amchlolor Active Member

    It's near Cologne, yeah?
    I fancy driving to the Czech GP next year (Brno,August) and taking in the 'ring on the way home.
    I'm thinking, although I stand to corrected by those who know better, I could take the ferry from Rosyth to Zeebrugge, then drive through Germany to Czech easy enough.
    Better to do the 'ring on the way home, in case I pile it?!?!
  2. unkle

    unkle Beer God

    Not exactly but your heading in the right direction, its about 50 miles south.

    Hull -> Rotterdam might be better and cheaper alternative, could be quicker too depending on how far Hull is from yourself, also when your out on the otherside your straight over the border into Germany in about 45 minutes.

    I drove from Dusseldorf/Hannover to the Czech Rep a couple of times, East Germany is very scenic and unspoilt, the motorways are still from the communist days, mostly dual carriageway type stuff and for the most part quite empty.

    Another thing, theres a massive national park in southern Germany so you sort of drive northish then south or south then east as there arent any autobahns that go as the crow flies from the Netherlands to the Czech Republic.

    If you taking the TDI, its good for 45mpg/120 mph...
  3. h5djr

    h5djr Well-Known Member VCDS Map User Gold Supporter quattro Audi A3

    If you look at a map it's on the B258 between Blakenheim and Meyer. Used to go that way to get to the Mosel valley for holidays.

    Bowfer, have you decided on your next car yet ?
  4. Amchlolor

    Amchlolor Active Member

    Cheers for all the info, Newcastle to Amsterdam looks the best bet I think.
    Hull's a bit of a nightmare from Aberdeen.
    Pleasant surprise yesterday, when I checked the Michelin route guide thing.
    It suggests Amsterdam to Brno is only 680 miles.
    Christ, I'm 450 miles to Manchester, so that's a piece of ****!

    David, going for a D3, assuming supply isn't too much of a problem.
    If it is, it'll probably be a 320D M-sport.

    Recent promotion has resulted in me being able to spend more than a 159, you see.
  5. benw123

    benw123 Moderator

    Good choice. Didn't you report that D3 prices have been increased? Particularly like the Touring version.
  6. Amchlolor

    Amchlolor Active Member

    They're £28350 now, which is still pretty fair.
    200bhp,Metallic paint and 19" alloys are standard, for example.
    A normal 177bhp M-sport is very close to that, and it only has 17" alloys as standard.Metallic is extra too.
    The only 'down' side to a D3 is that you more or less have to take them as they come.
    I test drove one yesterday, finally.
    I so want one even more now.
    I did enquire about the touring version, but was informed "no chance"
    Not overly bothered, I was just curious.

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