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At last...have now ordered an S3 SB Black Edition

elton121272 Nov 15, 2009

  1. elton121272

    elton121272 Active Member

    Hi All,

    Finally managed to get the deal I was looking for and have put down the deposit and ordered the following for a '10 plate on 1st March.....its going to be a long wait!!!!

    S3 SB Black Edition in Solid - Ibis white
    18” 7 twin-spoke titanium finish alloy wheels
    Privacy glass
    Black styling pack
    Piano Black inlays
    Bose sound system with 8 speakers

    with extra options:
    Electric folding door mirrors
    Acoustic parking system - rear
    Interior light pack
    Non smoking pack
    Fine Nappa leather - Black + bucket seats
    Mobile telephone preperation - bluetooth interface

    I plan on getting a retro Sat Plus....if anyone has any links to the exact one I should be after it would be appreciated? Then I plan on getting a 1-2k miles on the clock followed by stage 1 and then I'll zorst, induction and within 6 months would hope to be around stage 2 or 2+.

    Below is my last car which is now sadly gone....meantime I'm having to make do with an 05 plate Focus :asskicking:

  2. RicoS3

    RicoS3 Sprint Blue is the new Ibis!

    Elton, tidy choice. I've heard of this S3 Black Edition more than once now. Any more details on it? I've have looked on Audi site and searched the web, but haven't found anything. Is there info out there or do we speak to the dealers?
  3. Spin140

    Spin140 Well-Known Member

    How much extra RRP is the S3 black edition over a standard S3 ?

    I'm assuming you get things like Bose , black optics and anthracite alloys thrown in.

    My only fear with Audi going down this route is special editions usually means a new model on the horizon, RS3 anyone ?

    To be fair it doesn't apply to me as they are unlikely to do a sportback initially so I'm still happy with the S3 and its 2.0T.
    Nice spec Elton, soon be Xmas and then before you know the new arrival will be here for you, lovely HTR btw. Lichfield Imports ?
  4. elton121272

    elton121272 Active Member

    This is the spec & costs - saved me an extra £500+ as I had most of these as my options....I also get the alloys which I think look slightly better......

    Managed a 10% net dealer discount on the overall total so I'm really pleased....but had to commit to the 17.5% vat :readit:

    A3 and S3 Black Edition

    For the first time the Black Edition will be available for the S3. It will also continue with the same equipment for the following engines:
    · 1.8 TFSI
    · 2.0 TFSI
    · 2.0 TDI 140PS/170PS


    S line plus
    Black styling package
    Flat-bottom multi-function sports steering wheel
    Piano Black inlays
    18” 7 twin-spoke titanium finish alloy wheels
    Bose premium sound system
    Privacy glass
    Xenon plus headlamps with LED daytime running lights
    Price premium (RRP inc 17.5% VAT)
    (All available models except S3)
    Total unsupported RRP premium
    Net customer value (all available models except S3)
    Price premium (RRP inc 17.5% VAT) (S3 only)
    Total unsupported RRP premium
    Net customer value (S3 only)


    The next 4 months are going to be difficult.....

    The FD2 was an awesome all rounder....best handling and chassis I've ever been able to push to the limit and then some and still feel safe....superb build and spec for £23k and those REO70 potenza's stick like glue!! I also put on a few mods like full toda zorst and £4k ICE so she was well looked after. After 2 years of ownership I managed just over 85% retention so whilst my heart said no my head said its a no brainer!! So needed something to replace and tick all those boxes and then some....S3 seems to on paper at least do that...time will tell :detective2:

    Spin140...read on another thread that you were hunting down a source for Sat Plus...is it the one with the chrome buttons I'm should be after? Is there a model no?


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