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Asking this one in here as it's a techy question, move it if you need to pls.

AntDub Nov 4, 2009

  1. AntDub

    AntDub Member

    Right i have a 2004 1.6 fsi se (ep1) split grill model a3.. which hasnt got a little screen near the speedo in the middle, its just got lights i.e engine light, oil light, handbrake light etcetc...

    now i want to fit HIDS but ive heard of them causing errors? OBD errors i think? and also blowing wiper motors..

    will my a3 suffer from either of these, i thought to get errors you had to have a screen to read the errors also im baffled on the wiper motor bit...

    and if so what do i do to prevent this

  2. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    mate, 1st your in the wrong forum, move over to the 8P section for A3 & will be glad to help.
  3. AntDub

    AntDub Member

    sorry its just i was trying to spread my posts around a little as i post so much in this part of the forum lol can any one help?
  4. smudge_don

    smudge_don Active Member

    If you install aftermarket HIDs, the general concensus (sp) is that the rear wiper motor blows.

    Plus, with HIDs in the standard lights, the light pattern will be ****, you will blind people and it will just look terrible.

    Best bet is to purchase some xenons either from Audi if you have pockets as deep as the Grand Canyon, or be on the lookout for some on ebay.

    I just sold mine on there for a measily £300 as i needed some monies.

    With these xenons in place, you can then uprate the bulbs like i did to get a nice white/blue light instead of the OK white/yellow light in the standard xenons

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