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ASBO - Now considered a trophy

Nigma Nov 3, 2006

  1. Nigma

    Nigma Yakshimash!

    Recently heard on the news that many of today's 'yoof' consider getting an ASBO 'cool', and flaunt the damn thing.

    Still the little fuc*ers in prison I say! If they think they are old enough to do the crime, then they can do the time. Regardless of age.

    I'm annoyed at some of the comments people are making regarding this. I've heard comments such as "Better off families can afford to take their children out to bowling etc.. What are the poorer people supposed to do?.. This is why they resort to crime"..
    What a load of ****!... I've been brought up in a fairly well off family, All the activities I did when i was younger never involved anything that cost money. I played in the garden, build go-karts, tree houses, played football in the park etc...
    Being bored is not an excuse for keying a car, or bricking some old woman's window.

    The parents should take most of the blame. But the government should also take some of the blame. They have taken authority away from teachers and police.
    In my ideal world..... If the kid misbehaves, why not use the cane. If that don't work, send the kid to a borstal.
    Some might say its harsh, but the kid knows what the repercussions would be if he/she misbehaves. It would soon stop.
  2. Booth_S4

    Booth_S4 Riding on V8 power

    Saw that on the news last nite! its a joke really!! the youth of today hey!
  3. john2garden

    john2garden Gonad

    Too bloody right.

    These are the types that have been letting fireworks off since last week in their back gardens. What are the parents doing about that? ****** all thats what, they are too busy sitting in front of the TV drinking cheap lager and smoking fags.

    God I sound old.!!
  4. silver75

    silver75 Big Ron


    THE SWINES! :mad:
  5. TDI

    TDI Member

    Thing is they know that they can get away with whatever they want because they know their rights, they know they are under age and the law can't touch them as a result.
  6. auditek

    auditek Member

    little disrespecting fuckers ! scope them out , wait a few months and strike when they least expect it. make sure no ones around and shave off all your hair and wear 3 pairs of socks, make your footprints seem bigger when you have on bigger boots, to kick their ass, no hair = no dna, no witnesses, job done ! burn gear n open a beer , lol i watch too much csi .:keule: :box:
  7. joost

    joost Active Member

    The local council recently built a self contained skate/bmx park with ramps and mini footy pitch round the corner from me. No suprise that all the little chavs and townies now congregate there. Last week the little darlings decided in their infinite wisdom that one of the old stone walls that surround the park was a little too high for their liking and partially demolished it. Pity it didn't fall on the little ********.

    Anyhoo, the council has decided to lock the gates from 9pm so that they can't actually get into it. Problem solved? Nah...

    Little feckers now hang around the surrounding streets, setting fireworks off (sometimes aiming at each other, but missing - unfortunately) and kicking wing mirrors off cars. Bring back the birch!!:gun2:

    Sorry, rant over! :tapedshut:
  8. Just Plain Old

    Just Plain Old Active Member

    If the empty headed, politically correct, liberal half-wits that currently run this Country, and conceived the ASBO, had even the slightest idea what is required to control the scum they are dealing with then I guess we wouldn't be in the sh!t we are now...........
  9. god_thats_quick

    god_thats_quick Numptie of the highest order

    JPO has got it in one, it's the PC / nanny state mentality that's fcuking up this country. Bring back the death penatly for repeat wierdos. give up on bloody care in the community get the nutters locked up and make life hard for criminals, put them to work whilst being in prison - picking up rubbish doing menial sh1t. Also if someone is commiting a crime burglary / carjacking etc and they get injured or killed in the process tough it's their problem not the victims problem. To many rights for scum and too many handouts making life easy for them.
  10. Donald_MacIver

    Donald_MacIver Member

    Kids get off with anything these days, and i can't see it changing either.

    I agree, if they do the crime, they should do the time!
  11. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    But some of them are from broken homes, sob, poor little mites....

    the feckers should be chucked in the army, bring back conscription (now I'm too old to have to do it).
    Chemical castration for paedophiles as well while we're at it. What the **** is going on with paedophiles being rehabilitated into the community? They're paedophiles!! There's no cure, apart from lopping off their 2 veg.
  12. OutLore

    OutLore VOIP Dude

    2 Years in the Army. That will sort them out.
  13. john2garden

    john2garden Gonad

    Yeah, 2 years in the Army then a constant Buggering from the Colonel that would calm them down somewhat!!
  14. fasteddie

    fasteddie Member

    Nigma - you are bang on, I agree totally

    Auditek - have you been planning something you want to get off your chest?

    The problem is, as stated by Nigma, the parents and the lack of Discipline the kids get either at school or at home. If the kids grow up "getting away with it" then what kind of society will my kids grow up in. When my kids go to school (not there yet) will they be at a disadvantage because they will know if I find out they are ar$**g about they will be for the high jump - however I plan on giving them some attention and helping them develop skills to help them in life.

    What I'd like to know is if a kid at my boys school stops my boys getting on with their education and I complain that my sons education is being disadvantaged will I need to sue the school to start changing attitudes?
  15. fallmonk

    fallmonk Turbo Sport


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