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Arrrgh! Gutted...

circleswim Jan 7, 2011

  1. circleswim

    circleswim Lacks Car Funds...

    Parked my car in a carpark in Cardiff on Wednesday, when I returned I was greeted to the sight of red paint on my bumper and scuffs on the bumper... Do you think insurance details of the offender were left...? No.

    Whilst the damage could be a lot worse, I think the scoffs will come out with a bit of scratch x and srp I think the criminal who has effectively vandalised my property should pay for what they've done. I've kept my car clean and scratch free, parked responsibly and I'm punished for it.

    I'm tempted to contact Vinci the car park company to see if they have CCTV footage and number plate details of the offender, has anyone tried this before? Did you actually get anywhere or would I be wasting my time?
  2. Smoothie

    Smoothie Active Member

    first of all sorry to hear this, friends GTI MK5 had something similar recently....secondly you've nothing to looses from trying the CCTV, may as well even if nothing turns up
  3. hades-

    hades- Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    try them but there not ***** and will say the part you was parked in was not covered even tho theres a big cam lookin at your car
    they will only relese footage to the police or courts
    tried it b4
    i also run a prety large cctv system for my places and i cant give any footage to anyone unless its the police etc
  4. sub39h

    sub39h Active Member

    as above. even if they saw someone damaging your car they're not allowed to give you the footage or the details - Data Protection Act protecting the criminal and not the victim lol.

    worth a try tho, and report it to the police because it'll make the company more likely to take you seriously.
  5. circleswim

    circleswim Lacks Car Funds...

    Hmm pretty much as I thought, nice guys come out worse off once again... I'll give them a ring on Monday to see what they say.
  6. PilotAudi

    PilotAudi New Member

    Had something similar happen in a Cardiff CP opposite Queen St on corner. Seems they don't give a stuff in Cardiff.
  7. Von Maximo

    Von Maximo The Damned

    When it comes to CCTV you do actually have the legal rights to view any data that contains information about yourself. Even if it's been recorded by the local authority!

    I'm more than certain the car park owner will be fully aware of this law and if not then state the data protections act 1998.
  8. Lee_R

    Lee_R Active Member

    In my experience the CCTV camera will be out of order on the day of your incident or the tape will have been recorded over!!

    A similar incident happened to my wifes golf on christmas day, the old duffer in the chevvy matiz to the right scraped all along the drivers door. Paint has been polished out ok but the door strip is buggered (and its a colour coded strip!)

    To be honest, i doubt the old folk in the matiz are even aware they did it.
  9. FranA3

    FranA3 FMDETAILING Regional Rep Site Sponsor Gold Supporter Audi A3 Team Brill Red

    i hate when this happens same kind of thing happened to me in a car park someone hit the front of my car and took the number plate clean off the car but same thing as you no details left as usual , give the cctv a try what have you got to lose
  10. pi quattro

    pi quattro Member

    As I understand, you should be able to get footage. The DPA chat is just to fob you off.

    As I understand, you need to say that you were in the car park and that you wish to obtain footage of yourself! Don't tell them where you were, just a rough area then they can't say it wasn't covered. Give them approximate times. If you say 1 o'clock they might get back to you saying they could find you.

    If you get fobbed off ask the CCTV operator for his license details, he should be licensed. Then tell them you are going to police or solicitor as you think that they are in breach of the DPA. The key is that YOU want footage of YOURSELF.

    thatshould work

    Oh they are entitled to charge you for the info but I'm sure by law the maximum figure is about a tenner.

    Police won't be of any help, they'll tell you it's a civil matter and to get a solicitor.(unless you can convince one of criminal damage)

    Keen to see how it pans out keep us posted.

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