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Arrrg Shell Points Scheme

Gti Jazz Blue Aug 23, 2007

  1. Gti Jazz Blue

    Gti Jazz Blue Active Member VCDS Map User

    Just got round to registering to access my Shell V-Power Club card online. Only to find that since I changed to the A3 (Diesel) back in March that although I've been handing over my V-Power card with the fuel change they have been merily adding 0 points each time.

    No one thought to tell me that they aren't adding any points. So I've just shot off an email to Shell. Will probably be my own fault not reading the small print etc .... But you think one of the cashiers would have said something.

    I can quite clearly see all of my fuel purchases with 0 points credited.

    So looks like I will have to change to a Drivers Club card instead to start collecting again.

  2. Markey

    Markey Active Member

    Do you have all your old reciepts send copies of those in to prove the fuel was purchased they are normally very good at helping out. When i changed from my pulspoints to drivers club they did not transfer my points and there were 8000+ so was not impressed they soon sorted it out and added a few for good will :)
    Hope they are able to sort your missing points out
  3. si_reading

    si_reading Member

    You should still be getting points for diesel fuel. Just you get two points for V-Power fuels I thought. I'll have to check mine as I've switched to diesel too a couple of months ago.

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