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arrival in june ibis white s-tronic

s3 k5p Apr 6, 2010

  1. s3 k5p

    s3 k5p New Member

    hey guys
    my new audi s3 arrives in mid june. ibis white,black and red full nappa, s-tronic. options privacyglass, black styling pack,folding mirrors, reverse sensors,dvd satnav, black inlays, adaptive lgihts, light pack, phone prep, and music interface,tyre pressure,bose.

    anway due to the car being an s-tronic , io
    was wondering who are the best people to use to get the car mapped?
    your thoughts will be very helpful.:icon_thumright:
  2. The Maestro

    The Maestro S3 ~ MTM 330BHP ~ Milltek TBE

    QS Tuning Haywards Heath - West Sussex.

    Where are you? It'd be worth the trip and hang around for a few hours.

    I have an Ibis White (Black Edition) MY10 S3 with: MTM remap, Milltek turbo-back exhaust, cold air intake, Bimoto Titan Alloys 8.5x19 and Movit front Brakes.

    Have fun
  3. IanS3

    IanS3 Interweb creep

    Remap the engine or s-tronic?

    Engine would be REVO or GIAC, these seem the most popular option. As for S-tronic map, there is not one available yet as far as I know for MY10 cars as Audi have encrypted it. Revo are working on this though :happy:

    I have an S-tronic on order for September so hopefully there will be a s-tronic map by then to make the most of the revised engine map.

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