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arnold clarke rip off merchants

davidjohngarty@yahoo.co.u Nov 1, 2007

  1. hi i bought a 2002 audi tt roadster off them arnold clarke that is can any one tell me what is included in there **** 30 day warrenty i was told to take my tt to audi to get the enjine management fixed and a few bits more and was told arnold **** head clarke would pay for the parts and not the labour cause i bought the car in preston and i stay in dundee they know i wont go down and argue about it cause over the phone they just feed you **** rip off b######s sorry bout the language but im fizzing parts cost £345 labour£388 so warrenty is just a piece of f#### **** davie:keule: ps any one know where these parts go under the bonnet as ive got these spare parts to put in now 1 coolant temp sender 2 brake light switch 3 lambda probe 1 lambda probe 2 hazzard switch cheers folk :confused:

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