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armrest installation instructions needed

a3page Mar 28, 2005

  1. a3page

    a3page New Member

    hi all,

    about to install my armrest, still abit unclear how to get in mounted correctly.

    if anyone got a link to an instruction for a 1998 A3 model, would be much appreciated

    thanks a million.
  2. Pontio

    Pontio Member

    i fitted mine myself the other day. i got the vag parts link given to me but that dont help so i worked it out myself..
    I'll try my best to explain it.
    1)pull the ashtray out in the rear and there are 2 torx screws in there.
    2)Pull both the front seats back and you'll notice in both the footwells there are some blanking plugs, they are about 2 feet apart ( one is pretty much under the handbrake and the other you have to put your head in the footwell to see) just pull the caps off with a flat blade screwdriver without damaging them and then use the torx bit again to take the 2 out and the other two are 6mm bolts if i remember correctly.
    3)Unclip the little cover underneath the handbrake lever, just get the part pointing towards the back of the car and pull straight up, you can do this with your hands only.
    4) do the same on the little pen holder part next to it, just put your fingers in it and pull upwards.
    You then have to wiggle and pull the console out towards the back of the car.
    Becarefull because the lugs sit under the front ashtryso you have to sort of pull them out abit to get them out of there seats and then wiggle it out over the handbrake. its really a two man job because you dont want to be scratching the handbrake lever or you dash.
    After that im guessing you know where to cut and put the bolts in? if not then just say so and i'll post the rest up, hungry now so.. bubye :p

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