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Neilb1 Nov 23, 2012

  1. Neilb1

    Neilb1 Member

    I have always owned turbo petrol cars or petrol cars that can be modified, How good are the engines to modify on the 2.5 tdi's can the intercoolers be replaced with one big on, turbo upgrades and injector, but what will the actual engine and box take safely

    Right now it just has a performance panel filter not into the cone, and dim development remap taking to to about 215hp

    I know the list is endless with the body modification etc
  2. Turkster

    Turkster Bro.Paul 2.5TDI Quattro Sport

    I'd not mess to hard with the 2.5 mate. disconect the EGR valve sucker pipe and block off the pip so the system does not lose its suction presure,
  3. Neilb1

    Neilb1 Member

    ive done that but left the vac pipe connected should i remove it
  4. adamss24

    adamss24 Well-Known Member

    The block will take 500 Bhp, getting 500 Bhp out of the engine is a different story ! Yes to all your questions, you can upgrade intercoolers, turbo and injectors and get beyond 350 Bhp with a very, very good map. Early models had better pumps without being limited electronically, also b6 2001 had all alloy intercoolers and a different trim of the turbo so they run higher boost. With the stock turbo you already reached the limits of the GT2052 so you either need a hybrid or adapt a GTB2260vk. Add power plus 683 nozzles or race 683 nozzles and remap to take the changes into account and you'll have a fire breathing monster. I have fjtwelve old a6 tdi which i bought with a broken engine. After porting the heads, replacing the valves, balancing the race 683 nozzles, adding a allroad intercooler (all aluminium) and a gtb2260vk i can say it's a monster... I had to replace everything though: brakes, suspension, bushes, antiroll bars and much, much more ! I would take the engine and put it into a lighter car though, perhaps a b5 tdi quattro as it handles better than the a6 platform and is 3ookg lighter. That would be a drive to remember !
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