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Are good S3's really hard to find?

MikeA3 Apr 25, 2007

  1. jedwa115

    jedwa115 Member

    Dunno about finding "good s3's" - I guess you have to have patience! Seems you have avoided the shiney car syndrome that it is very easy to get when you go to see a car.

    I walked away from plenty of ok'ish cars before buying mine... now a year on I have to sell!

    My problem now is finding good buyers for my "good s3" who actually bother to turn up with the money! So many chancers and dreamers out there who can't really afford the car.
  2. steve123a

    steve123a Member

    I bought the first one I came across, it had 2 owners, FASH, first owner was HR Owen up town (demo car), was in mint condition but needed the 60K service so knocked a grand off the price and drove away that day! Although I didn't bargain on having to replace all the brakes... not that bad though as my mate works in the parts dep at Audi dealers!

    Mike don't bother buying one from DriftBridge Audi, had a look there before I bought mine and the prices were very expensive for what you got!
    I bought mine privately and am very pleased with it, although can't help playing around with my cars, so they never stay standard for very long
  3. S3-ROB

    S3-ROB RD350YPVS - Loves 2 stroke oil

    He seemed a decent guy, i know he was a trader, reason i said i bought it private was because the car is sold as seen and more of a private sale.

    Car has had a bit of paint work but is hpi clear, i've had the car on the ramps at work and there is no signs of crash damage, drives straight and me being an MOT tester i've got a good idea what to look for.

    Best thing about the deal was he gave me £5000 for my MK4 golf gti in part ex and i only paid £4500 for the car 6 months ago :sly:

    Looking at his house he is doing really well for himself, very very nice place he's got.
  4. james0808

    james0808 Active Member

    Sounds like you got a good deal with the golf,enjoy the S3.

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