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Are all symphony II radios the same?

chazza55 Jul 10, 2012

  1. chazza55

    chazza55 got an S3 8L: living the dream

    Quick question (i hope):

    My CD on my bose symphony II radio has gone faulty. I used to have my dension ipod connected to it and that no longer words because the fault with the CD side of the unit.

    My questions is: I see a lot of symphony II units on ebay for a range of prices but are not necessarily from a facelift 8L S3.........So is there a difference in them other than the fascia? (I can use my current fascia on a new radio just by swapping them.)

    So as long as the one i buy has its code, is there any reason not to buy say a Symphony II for an A4 of the same age? The connection look identical.

    Will all work with my Bose system or does the one i get have to have been from a bose system too? (surely its just using special pre-out connections for the bose)?

    Any input would be appreciated!
  2. Erf

    Erf Member

    Hi I will be selling my symphony II from a 2002 s3 with Bose as I am upgrading to a rns-e unit. Pm me if you want it.
  3. dannyh

    dannyh Nogaro S3

    Can anyone advise on the OP question as it's of interest to me too?

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