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ARBs and Audi Driver mags.

Kingfisher Oct 2, 2011

  1. Kingfisher

    Kingfisher Active Member

    Front ARB for Ur, ( think it's 26mms) complete with drop links but no rubbers. £20
    Pair of B5 RS4 arbs £50
    Rear arb B6 saloon quattro S Line £20 ( 16mms iirc will measure tomorrow)
    Box of various relays ( Hella)/connectors/H4 & H1 bulbs - all mainly late 1980s 1990s era

    Books/ magazines for sale:

    2010 Audi Driver mags, mint, any offers??

    Audi Quattro – auf allen vieren zum erfolg, by Jan Henrik Muche.
    ISBN 2898804216, German text, brand new and still sealed in shrink wrap £20.

    Der Abt Das Buch
    The story of the Abt company, 2002 publication, large format (9.5” x 13”) full colour, many racing photos, and, unusually, the text is in English!
    ISBN 3893659633 , excellent condition.£8.

    Audi – the TT Story, no ISBN, published 1999 by Delius Klasing,138 pages, full colour, good condition.£10.

    Audi R8 Le Mans--- ISBN 3 613 304244. The story of the Le Mans cars from the first clay models in 1998 through to the race in 1999. Large page format (approx. 11” x !5” portrait), full colour, some text but not a large amount as there are so many pictures. 135 pages. excellent condition £10

    Can deliver to ADI next saturday.
  2. au_sjo

    au_sjo Member

    Interested in a rear a/r bar if it'll fit a fwd b5?
  3. Kingfisher

    Kingfisher Active Member

    very unlikely as these are all from quattros - sorry !
  4. Craig1989

    Craig1989 Member

    Would the pair of rs4 arbs fit a b7????
  5. Kingfisher

    Kingfisher Active Member

    I'll have a look and compare with the rears but from memory they are different shapes so unlikely. I'll look Saturday and come back to you

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