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APU 1.8t cylinder head (small port) fully reconditioned

jcb Dec 29, 2011

  1. jcb

    jcb Active Member

    removed from a 150bhp A4
    fully stripped, dipped and blasted.
    skimmed 20 thou for flatness and fitted with supertech valve guides.
    £300 worth of parts and labour (guides alone are £150!)
    all work done by Engine Services in Rosewell

    this is a small port non VVT head that is fully transferable with any small port non VVT engine and could easily have VVT refitted from an existing head.

    can come with a full set of cams, valves, springs, hydro tensioners etc. these are OEM parts that have been cleaned but not reconditioned. Also have some OEM inlet and exhaust Gaskets

    currently sitting in Sussex, will be in Edinburgh for collection or shipped direct from Sussex to you.

    sensible offers to get my money back
    PM me for photos, will update with pics when I get them

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