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  1. ultrasporta4vk05

    ultrasporta4vk05 Member

    I want to make this upgrade for my a4 b6, but affraid that it would void the factory warranty, anyone help me out and know if it would void it or not?
  2. scoTTy

    scoTTy Active Member

    It won't void the total warranty but it will void the warranty on anything Audi decide is related to it.
  3. Gambba

    Gambba Active Member

    This is a complicated issue, and is all down to the dealer, because if they are happy to submit a warranty claim to Audi, then I doubt Audi will question it most of the time, especially not going to the depths of finding out if the cars chipped or not.

    But just bear in mind that it is their right to reject warranty if the car has been moddified and the failure can be related to the moddification.

    You can also ask yourself if the dealer will actually notice if it's chipped or not.

  4. ultrasporta4vk05

    ultrasporta4vk05 Member

    Thats what im worried about. lol Cause this is my first car, and i love it, and just wanna have a little more fun with it (squeeze a lil more juice out of it). It also is the first audi in the family, so im not sure if the reliability of this car is great or not. And so... its kinda hard, is there any other ways to improve the cars acceleration without affecting the warranty?

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