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Approved Body Repair Specialist? Walsall/Wolverhampton

A3-8PA May 21, 2012

  1. A3-8PA

    A3-8PA Member

    Had an accident last week. Going through Insurance. I have recommended Wolverhampton Audi my choice to the insurance company which they were not very keen on as they want to use their own recommended garages. But in the end they said yes.

    Now spoke to Wolverhampton Audi this afternoon to get some estimate on my car accident repair and they passed my call to Shorade Accident Repair Centre Ltd, Walsall Road, Cannock. I think they have outsourced their accident repair work to Shorade. They are approved by Audi, Merc, BMW according to their website.

    Does anyone know about their work or any other approved body repairer in Walsall/Wolverhampton so that quality of work and parts can be trusted?

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