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Apple Iphone/Ipod Connectivity

SimonIG10 Jun 15, 2013

  1. SimonIG10

    SimonIG10 Member

    Thought I would start a new thread on this to see what people are finding out there. I have the phone box option with an Iphone 4 connected via the short cable supplied by Audi. Through the media menu I can play tracks from the Iphone via Bluetooth. However, although it displays on the screen with the artist and album, I cannot search on this and instead have to go through all the tracks which are listed alphabetically to play music. I cant see how you can select and play an album. I dont get any album art on the screen but noticed that this does display on the Iphone whilst playing.
    I understand that the search may be possible if I put my songs onto an SD card and use the second SD slot in the glove compartment. It is also possible to put songs into folders on the SD card so you can select whole albums or create playlists.
    What are others experiencing. Ideally I want to be able to search on track/album and artist. I would like to use the music from my Iphone so wondered if anyone has cracked it before I buy an SD card.
  2. Trebuchet

    Trebuchet Member

    What colour's the collar on your cable? (red or blue)
  3. SimonIG10

    SimonIG10 Member

    Mine has the red collar. I tried the SD card and very easy to manage using the folders.
  4. SimonIG10

    SimonIG10 Member

    Right, realised what I was doing wrong. I had the music from the IPhone via Bluetooth. If I source the IPhone in the media menu then easy to sort via Album or artist....plus can play videos.
  5. cemerson

    cemerson Well-Known Member Team Cosmos quattro Audi A3 S-line owners group TDi DSG

    Yes, I was wondering why you were plugging it in and then playing via bluetooth!
  6. blt7878

    blt7878 New Member

    I bought the red gromet MMI cable and I have the artwork from all my iPhone 4S albums.
    But I am not satisfied with the iPhone hidden under my elbow because of the short cable.
    I 'd like to see the iPhone screen ...
    I tried the Shopinnov Rallonge pour câble iPhone iPod iPad 1m de Shopinnov
    [h=1]My A3 cannot see the iPhone when I use it, althhough it works great with my Mac.[/h][h=1] 110E7OJcHxL.jpg
    Did someone hear of a working iPhone extension cable ?[/h]

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