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APC @ 10:1 and 4:1

crazypainter Feb 26, 2011

  1. crazypainter

    crazypainter Member

    I have mixed up two loads of APC as directed. one is at 10:1 and the at 4:1. Now all it really says for use is use the weker solution for light use and 4:1 for heavy. If use the 4:1 in the engine bay is that going to be OK if I get overspray on belts or anything in there?
    i am going to use it inside as well on fabric and plastics. Is the best thing to do just test the mixes and check there is no reactions and proceed? I tried a little 10:1 on the carpet in the flat and it was awesome !
  2. crazypainter

    crazypainter Member

    Well, i just done the mats out the car. WOW! I only used the 10:1 and its shifted what Raceglaze Fabric Cleanse couldnt, I thought that was good stuff! Intrigued whats its going to be like on plastics............
  3. crazypainter

    crazypainter Member

    Ok Had a little go in just the front passenger area with 10:1. Do I need to dress the plastics or just leave 'cleaned' with no other product to finish? I dont want anything glossy or oily just whatever finish it should be. It looks very good to me but dont know if I just leave now? Only did one fabric side bolster of the seat as a test having tested a hidden area first.
  4. CMD

    CMD Pointing Forward's!!!!!!!!!

    Dress the plastic once fully cleaned and dried.

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