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AOA has kept my new A33.2 32 days straight waiting for part. Disgusting & Incompetent

RedA33.2 Jul 2, 2006

  1. RedA33.2

    RedA33.2 New Member

    Sorry if you're reading this elsewhere .. my mission now is to let as many people know what a disservice AOA has done. I hope it never happens to you.

    I had an issue with the gear shift from 2 to 1. I dropped of the car on May 30, it is now July 1st, and I know that they won't do work until after the 4th, but the part has yet to arrive anyways, so I'll be out of it at least another week, even if the part comes in on Wed. So all told I'm looking at least another 10 days, so it will be around 40 days in a row that Audi has screwed me over. Telling me one thing after another. The best one being that the box turned up at Fed Ex empty on the 16th or so, but Fed Ex didn't tell anyone for a couple of days...( all the while I've been calling ever other day asking where it is... and where NO ONE has ever been able to tell me directly where it was at ) but it must be Fed Ex fault, and so Audi noticed it was missing on the 19th ( remember that this is already 21 days after I've been out of my car ) Yet no one in Audi orders another part, but waits for 4 days, then decides to order another part on the 23rd . Explanation for this 4 day delay: 'oops, I guess we dropped the ball there.'

    I'm told it the vendor, its the VIN specific part, its customs, its Just in Time Inventory, its lost, its coming, its.......

    Never have I been told that Fritz from Germany will send this new part quickly, I estimate that 3 days should be enough. 1 for Fritz to put his hands on the part, flash it, box it and send it next day Air ( very common, things called airplanes have increased the ability to ship things quicker). So Ralph from New York gets the box on day 2 and because Ralph has been told that this customer has been waiting for a month, he might want to get it to the dealer, dealer gets part by day 3 has part and even if its a Saturday, the dealer feels bad that their young up and coming customer who spent $40,000 who they might want to buy another car in the future, so they pay Bob an extra $200 to get it done. Hell, I'd pay Bob the extra $200, Fritz the shipping costs, and Ralph the gas money to get my part.

    So I wait and now catalog all the letters I'm going to be writing, the application for arbitration so that Audi has to reimburse me for the price of my car (Lemon Law), and the amount of MY VALUABLE TIME that I am now going to spend trying to get to the bottom of this incompetence and disgusting display of customer service.

    I need a drink

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