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Anyone with an A3 quattro sportback?

rossbrownlee Aug 23, 2010

  1. rossbrownlee

    rossbrownlee Ross_S4

    Hello all, I normally live over on the 8L forum but am now looking for a bigger / newer car, bad habit of impregnation with the missus...
    I have an 8L S3 at the moment but looking to go to an 8P Sportback and am pretty much between two.

    One is an 06 2.0 TFSI and the other is the 2.0 TDi DPF S-Line, both of these are quattro, quattro is pretty much a given for me as I am a convert since the S3.

    I am basically looking for anyone on here that has either and is willing to give some real driver feedback like how they are to live with.

  2. antmax7

    antmax7 Member

    do you wanna keep some performance? if so it has to be the 2.0t-fsi i have one and its a great car with a great engine.
  3. audicruiser

    audicruiser Audi Heaven

    I have a 2.0T Quattro Sportback and I have to say it is a very stable and sure footed car. I had a Mk4 Golf before the Audi and my parents have a 2010 A3 Sportback 170bhp DSG, both front wheel drive and I would say I prefer the drive of the quattro. The thing I like about it is it's there working away without you realising it.

    I think if your driving an S3 now, then the diesel will be a bit slow from what your use to, however if babies means budget then diesel is the way to go. 300miles to a tank with my quattro and 450 miles with our 170bhp TDi though that is only with 1500 miles on it so the mpg should only get better.
  4. Ben H

    Ben H On a journey...

    As you can see from my list of previous cars, I like a performance car that can handle. However, since becoming family of three, I've also needed five doors and a dash of practicality!

    What I wan't expecting is what a good package my 2.0T quattro Sportback is. I run a simple Bluefin, which adds a nice bit of poke - but it's essentially a smoothie.
  5. rossbrownlee

    rossbrownlee Ross_S4

  6. phil76

    phil76 Active Member

    Coming from a mk4 golf gttdi mapped up to a mapped A3 all i can say is i still love driving the car,there just sure-footed and a nice place to be in with endless tuning options for not big money if i had the choice again i would pick this car again

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