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Anyone who lives near a bluefin Superchip Dealer?? need help please...

lenti Mar 5, 2012

  1. lenti

    lenti 7th Gear

    I angry at Bluefin superchip ive been mailing them for a few months without any answer regarding my chip..

    I want to know if they could make me a new file for my Bluefin chip that i have bought from them.
    Beacuse i want to remove the DPF on my Audi B7 2.0TDI 140HP Original, and i need a new file that removes the warning and DPF info so that the MOT does not say anything..

    it would be so nice if someone who lives near a Bluefin Dealer and can ask them that
    Thank you
    Best Regards Florent.

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