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Anyone who has retro-fitted Xenons?

dpaz Dec 27, 2013

  1. dpaz

    dpaz Active Member Team Tango

    Where did you route the hi-beam wires that run to the Central Electrics module?

    I'm struggling to find a grommet spare to route into the cabin. I've got past the firewall.

    The yanks go through the wheel well because of an extra grommet which UK cars don't have. Then the lucky (unlucky?) ones with an automatic gearbox can route via the empty grommet for the clutch line.
  2. Macdoon

    Macdoon Well-Known Member Team Ibis TFSI Owners Group Gold Supporter Audi A4 S-line owners group

    Hi mate, my mate routed the wires through the back of the ECU box
  3. SinghB7

    SinghB7 Active Member

    I think that is the best way for manual cars to take it under the ecu.
    For the autos the grommet between the ecu and brake servo is best.
  4. dpaz

    dpaz Active Member Team Tango

    Thanks everyone for the help.

    I went down Macdoon's advise after thinking about it for a bit and drilled a small 6mm hole in the ECU box next to where the other wires enter the box. I drilled quite high up on the box to avoid water and silicon'd the join afterwards on the inside. If you have a manual gearbox it has to be the easiest and best way to route these cables. You're straight into the cabin from there onwards and right next to where the central electrics module is.

    There is a grommet underneath the ECU box but it's just about impossible to get to without removing the ECU box entirely which is a huge job as one of the nuts which hold it down is impossible to get to without removing both wiper blades and the windscreen tray and even then you may have problems.

    What was originally planned to be a quick turnaround job ended up being a lot longer but the perfectionist that I am didn't probably help matters. Just got a slight gap to correct between the bumper and front wing at some point on the drivers side.
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