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Anyone waiting for an S4 Coupe ?

sidicks Mar 18, 2003

  1. sidicks

    sidicks New Member

    This weeks' Autocar had a new bit of news about the Coupe version of the A4 (page 16 "ear to the ground").

    It reads as follows:

    "Audi boss Martin Winkerkor has sent the A4 Coupe back into the design studio less than 18 months before it was due to reach UK showrooms. Ingolstadt sources say he is keen to see the new car adapt Audi's controversial new front end styling, as previewed on the recent Pikes Pike (Peak ?!) and Nuvolari concept cars. It's the second time the A4 Coupe has seen major exterior design changes. Original proposal were based on a four-door layout similar to that being adopted on the Mercedes CLE."

    So from my point of view:
    Styling should be more up-to date
    Making the Coupe look more like the Nuvolari coupe has to be a good thing
    Maybe they will have an RS version of his car ?

    Have to wait even longer for the new car (at least another 2 years)

    Any thoughts ??


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