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Anyone using Shell V power petrol?

HenriEST Dec 10, 2009

  1. HenriEST

    HenriEST Member

    Basicly just thinking if it really does what it says??

    Does it make your car run alot better?
    Do you get more miles out of it?
    Is it worth the extra money?
    Or is it good for just putting in now and then just to clean up your engine??

    Just want to see peoples opinions :)
    Thought that i was going to use that just to give my engine a bit of aclean from shitty normal fuel:p


    Henri K7VST
  2. CMD

    CMD Pointing Forward's!!!!!!!!!

    I'm going tobe filling up my tank V power for the Rolling Road day on the 12/12 just to see if there is any benefits, my engine is standard at the moment..
  3. i always run mine on vpower, have done since i bought it. Far better quality of fuel than 95ron rubbish :)
  4. MDA

    MDA sploorer

    i use it now and again
    just one full tank maybe once a month
    the car does seem to run better its an 18.T
    even tho the handbook says 95 ron
    it dont seem to hurt !
    apart from my pocket !
  5. paul20v

    paul20v Audi fanatic

    20v UR quattro run better on it
    and my B5 s4 ran better on it but it takes more than one tank full you need to run at least 3 before the ecu makes basic setting changes
    so yes run it but dont excpect instant results but the car will feel fresher and just generally more responsive after a few tank fulls
    thats my experiance with it anyway .
  6. Welly

    Welly VX220 SC Driver :)

  7. PetrolDave

    PetrolDave Well-Known Member

    Yes it does.

    When I had my B6 S4 I used to commute to Waterlooville every day and when I used 95 RON I could take the exit from the roundabout over the A3(M) into Waterlooville at full throttle from standstill, but with V Power or Tesco 99 I definitely had to ease off the gas.

    Anyone with an FSI engine (not the B6 or B7 S4, they're not FSI) definitely should use either V Power or Tesco 99 because the reduced sulphur content means that the pre-cat has to be purged less often and that purging increases fuel consumption while it's happening. So with an FSI engine you get back more than the 7p per litre extra cost in better mpg - as much as 10% more.
  8. Scouse

    Scouse LIVERPOOL

    I've been using V Power now for about a year, the car has been remapped and set to run on it, but used it before the remap as well. For a little extra money the benefits you get from using it like - slightly better mpg, feels more responsive, cleaner engine, runs smoother, etc. It's worth it imo. You need to put a few tanks of it in to feel the difference - so don't expect it to be an RS6 after a full tank of it............ or even 5 tanks. :p
  9. HenriEST

    HenriEST Member

    cheers guys :)

    going to try it out on the way to london next friday, hoooliday !! :D yeah!!
  10. lapman

    lapman New Member

    try the tesco 99 super unleaded.
    that works well in my RS6
  11. Mike B

    Mike B Well-Known Member

    I used v power for three years in my 1.8 petrol and now in my 2.5 diesel and am sure that it helps all round.My son started before me in his impreza turbo then an S3 now has a 1.9 A4 sport Quattro and swears by it in all of them.A few years ago I bought a 1.0 micra for the wife of course and it was slow until I put in V power it remapped itself and when the management light went out after acouple of days the little car was flying by comparisn to before and much more funto drive
  12. TorqueTerrorist

    TorqueTerrorist www.sprayplan.co.uk

    Well it's funny you ask as I just tried it forthe first time last week as there is a shell garage near my new work place.

    Having been mapped to run on superplus anyway it's not alot more money for V-power.

    Also Fifth Gear did a test on a Clio, 2.0T FSI Golf GTI and a Subaru Impreza with varying degrees of success. What thay stated was the more powerful the car the greater the improvement!

    So back to my V-power fill up....
    It made one hell of a difference! It's revved cleaner, pulled harder and actually displayed that on a typical road local to me that I attained a higher top speed before braking! I'm tempted to get a rolling road session with V-power as I know the before figure. Torque of the Devil in Uxbridge only charge £50 for a session and give your results in a neat folder to keep. Maybe in the new year!
  13. Nutkin

    Nutkin Member

    I personaly would go to power engineering over TOTD

    If your located about you could join my local club as we run RR days for 30 quid a pop :)
  14. stoakseya4

    stoakseya4 Active Member

    Tesco 99 all day long, well until I run out that is...


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