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Anyone using an FM Modulator?

Grangey. Sep 12, 2011

  1. Grangey.

    Grangey. Member

    Hi all,

    Im one of these types that is forever spinning with ideas. Currenty one of the main ones is doing a full car pc build for my a4, but my mind keeps switching between that and customising an RNS-E.

    Anyway, due to buying the car then recently moving im still pretty skint so the above plans are on hold until funds allow, so in the mean time im left with my synphony 2 unit.

    What ive decided is that for the mean time my iphone 4 will do the job perfectly provided I can find the right solution. So i recently bought a cheapy fm transmitter off ebay which and car holder.

    The FM transmitter works pretty damn well considering it cost me all of about £4, however I get the "this accessory isnt compatible" kind of message on my iphone which basically means it doesnt charge the phone quite right (in my case after a 2 hour drive, the battery niether depleted or increased desplite playing the ipod AND tomtom at the same time- i did however get pretty warm at the back!

    Anyway, in my searches trying to find something a little better, i have just discovered these "FM Modulators"- meaning I should get no static at all and basically just give me an Aux input finally for my symphony 2!

    Im just wondering if anyone has used one and what your experiences have been if any?

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