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Anyone used Steinbauer tuning box ?


  1. Any comments or ideas ? Pros/cons etc ? cheers Mike
  2. bigdom71

    bigdom71 New Member

    I used to have a Steinbauer box on my Saab 9-3, found it to be absolutely brilliant. Loads of increased power, and a nice spread of torque. I'm trying to see whether Steinbauer will do a trade against one for the A4.

    If i drove the car lightly would see an increase in full economy, if i caned it would see a decrease of approx 1mpg!

    I brought mine via Ashfordmotorsport, who have looked after my various cars for over 12 years.


    They also do the VAG tuning system the dealers use, although at time of writing i've forgotten what it's called (remember now - Revo). I know they re-wrote the ecu for a Skoda Fabia vrs, with a change of intercooler and saw over 200bhp!

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