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Anyone tempted to join me in oversteer ?

stevehsv868 Sep 14, 2007

  1. stevehsv868

    stevehsv868 Unofficial Audi UK Endurance Test Driver

    I have recently fitted a 25mm rear RACE neuspeed anti roll bar

    I had a 25mm front and a 32mm rear on my Mk4 golf , which inproved the handling greatly

    I just thought I would post soem feedback of the moddification

    For anyone who does not understand , anti roll bars are used to stiffen the supension , by joining the two wheels with a stiff bar , so when the car enters a corner and one side of the car's suspension begins to depress, if both wheels (on the same axle) are joined with a stiff roll bar , then both sets of springs and dampers must compress , so in a way it almost doubles the spring stiffness .

    by replacing one of the roll bars , you are affecting the weight distribution of the car, a stiffer front anti roll bar will cause weight to be sent to the rear of the car , making the car understeer.

    fitting a stiff rear anti roll bar will send weight to front of the car , reducing understeer , and increasing oversteer

    my A3 now handles like a 205 GTI , go into a corner slight understeer , let of the throttle and the back end comes out, a quick foot back on the throttle easily pulls itself out of the slide , needless to say this puts a massive smile on my face :lmfao:
  2. N8

    N8 Kowalski Details VCDS Map User

    Why didn't you put a front one in as well? My cousin's got H&R F&R on his TT....makes so much difference.....
  3. stevehsv868

    stevehsv868 Unofficial Audi UK Endurance Test Driver

    because having the two anit roll bars will even the car out, I want just the rear ARB for some "lift off oversteer" action

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