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Anyone stripped a VNT Turbo?

Biggles Jan 30, 2007

  1. Biggles

    Biggles Member

    My Allroad has been giving me problems. See my other posts.

    Anyway most of my problems are now gone, but the VNT turbo is now in question at low rpm. I have a spare to dismantle as it seems they variable mechanism is prone to sticking. Thanks to AdamC for the donation of said turbo.

    Has anyone had one to bits to free up the VNT mechanism? If so any hints or tips?

  2. dive007

    dive007 New Member

    strip my 2.5 tdi turbo took 5 hours strip & clean i have got the info from rev head . down load from tdi club, but this was 1.9 but was easy to figure it out just mark it up and when you split the exhaust side the location pin might stick in the main body but after wd 40 for 24 hours they will pull out easy they have to be fitted into the exhaust side . any more info email me at igs1@btinernet.com

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