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Anyone no a good sparky near Newcastle upon Tyne???

muz_amin Dec 6, 2009

  1. muz_amin

    muz_amin QuattroBro


    recently encountered a minor but very annoying electrical problem with my a4.........the instrument cluster and digital display have stopped lighting up as well as half of the dash.....not the fuses or the bulbs as i have checked all the obvious things in the past week.....

    ive posted a few threads on here to see if anyone can help me but its such an odd problem i doubt anyone knows how to.....

    anyways I rang audi to see what they can offer me and b4 they even tell me whats wrong they want me to cough up £117 for a 'diagnosis'.......N0 THANK YOU!!!!

    So does anyone know of any private and reasonably priced electrical specialists around the north east who would be able to sort it out????


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