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anyone live near bolton?

mrmchammer Dec 31, 2010

  1. mrmchammer

    mrmchammer Member

    Last edited: Dec 31, 2010
  2. Avus Sportback

    Avus Sportback Member

    theres no link?
  3. PilotAudi

    PilotAudi New Member

    Looks a bit dodgy to me but I could just be cautious. Who is selling it???
  4. Lee_R

    Lee_R Active Member

    why does it look dodgy? Seems fine to me, well specced, right colour, the all important seats and at a decent price!

    Seller seems to be a performance car dealer, would be worth a look just to have a poke around at the other stock whilst there!
  5. mrmchammer

    mrmchammer Member

    cheers for replies, why do you think it looks dodgy? the only weird bit is that its an 07 plate and he has said its just had its first service? does anyone know of this trader?
  6. dunk

    dunk Member

    c mills car sales ltd was voluntarily dissolved as a limited co after 6 months of trading this year

    they now seem to exist as an autotrader dealer service only - maybe being a ltd co didnt suit them?

    viewing is by appointment only - overall it does look a lot dodgy
  7. kirsty76

    kirsty76 Member

    the service of it would not be a problem as you can just ring up audi and they will tell you when it had a service and what miles it was o,n i was buying a car a while ago and did this the car had 50k on the clock but when i rang audi the last time they saw it there was 112k on it.
  8. nutsnvolks

    nutsnvolks New Member

    Hi, i have just registered on this forum as a result of doing some searches on the garage name you mentioned, (although i am a vw and audi nut anyhow) my wife purchased a 1.9tdi a3 from another garage in bolton (parklands specialist cars, although it could also bee james street motors as thats where all the phone numbers they gave us are for, just not the recipts ect) we have had trouble getting the v5 and mot off them as they said they had misplaced them when we collected the car but assured us they would send them on the following day, stupidly we agreed and left, one month later still no docs, despite many calls (i would like to go there and show them how annoyed i am but they are aloibng way from here) anyway, after some rather annoying searching i came across this that also applies to the garage you mention......

    Garages raided (From The Bolton News)

    really rather worried now after having fitted stereos, debadged grill ect ect ect
    what do i need to get milage and service details from audi as mentioned above?

    many thanks

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