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Anyone know what Ive got ????? - Clean Responses Please ;o)

Geronim0 Jun 5, 2005

  1. Geronim0

    Geronim0 Member

    Hi All

    I have an A3 1.8T with the concert stereo - how can I tell if this is the Bose system? If it isnt what is it ??

    Many thanks Simon
  2. ImS3ola

    ImS3ola Member

    I think it should say BOSE when you switch the headunit on - or there may be bose written on the speaker grills. Can you feel any bass with the bass set to +6 on the head unit? Non-bose doesn't have any bass at all even when set to +6
  3. Agree.

    I do not have Bose and the bass is non-existent :-(
  4. Guest

    I dont have Bose on my grills but it does say it on the head unit, mine is a pre-facelift S3.
  5. DavidR

    DavidR Active Member

    Easiest way to tell is to look at the sub in the boot. 1speaker = normal hifi, 2 speakers = bose.

    Also, if the soundstage of the hifi is in the boot of the car then you have bose also!
  6. bampy

    bampy Member

    Forgetc what it says on the head unit.

    You have a BOSE system if there is a base unit in the boot and it has Bose on the speakers.

    If not, you ain't got a BOSE.
  7. HTC

    HTC Active Member

    Just to clarify. You don't need stickers on the speakers to definately have the BOSE setup.

    You can set a non-bose head unit to use the BOSE eq setup, so thats not defo proof either.

    I would look in the drivers side boot enclosure and look for the amplifier there which would proove it.

    I do agreed that if you have the twin speaker sub on the boot then you have BOSE.

    Hope that helps.
  8. Geronim0

    Geronim0 Member

    Thanks to everyones input, as soon as she is back from the /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/swear.gif stealers I will have a sniff around. I had some synchromesh issues a month ago and last week 4.5 (four and a half) bolts fell out of the nearside drive shaft thingy !!! Just about to boot her up the hill on the A46 past Lincoln.... huge grinding sound, tears and bad language. Botched reairs aparently as these bolts arent supposed to just work themselves out...

    Cheers Simon

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