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Anyone know a good source of A4 pics?

imported_AudiOwner96 Jun 6, 2005

  1. do a search on here, i started a thread about that a couple of months ago.
  2. Yes, Thanks Kris I searched through your posts and found a good amount of stuff. I should have searched before posting!

    I take it you were thinking of going for the B6 star alloys? I think this is what I am going to go with.

    I have looked at a lot of photos now and in my opinion the 18" wheels are too big for the b5. Especially the RS6's they look OTT. The Rs4's look ok on some b5 saloons (I saw a black b5 A4 with them on and that looked good but then saw a red b4 A4 with them on and it looked totally silly). They suit the RS4 and S estates and the newer model cars much better.

    I'm either going to get some b5 s4 wheels or the star stlye ones . I think the 17"'s are the max size you can go for without making the wheels on your car the centre of its attention.
  3. Here's a nice pic of the 5 spoke star wheels. This is the pic that persuaded me to thnk about buying them.

  4. Yeah, I knew I was probably opening myself up for a slating by saying 18's were too big for the B5 saloon.

    However an Audi A4 is not a supercar and is certainly not intended to be. An RS4 is. Thats where a lot of people are going wrong. The RS4 had certain elements that made those wheels look good such as the flared wheel arches.

    A Lambo or a Ferrari? Damn right stick the biggest wheels you can find on the f=cker. The styling and performance is extreme so the wheels need to be too.

    I think sticking big wheels on a b5 A4. Thus making them the central point of attention to the car is a bit of an attention seeker. The B5 was never intended for those wheels thats why the s4 only was designed with 17"'s.

    As far as Rs4 wheels being widely accepted by the b5 community - no. By the b5 exterior styling community - yes. But these were the guys that 5 years ago were putting 4 exhausts out the back of thier Nova's. You know, no offence intended modding the exterior is fine if thats what you want to do. But I have modded my car in what I view as discreet ways like having it chipped and a couple of minor performance upgrades and I want the wheels to be along a simliar line.

    I stand by my opinion that the wheels in the picture above look far more natural for the car. And in my opinion are the largest you can go without giving off the impression that you are trying to turn your 4 door saloon into something it is not and will never be. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/beerchug.gif
  5. thats the best pic of those stars i have seen, infact it is persuading me too get them too, i dont want 18's either really, had far too much attention in my old car and i just want too make my a4 look a bit more up too date.
  6. ditto. I've just had new bilstein shocks and springs all round. I'm now in the market for a set of these wheels...

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