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Anyone here changed their rooftop aerial for a DAB one?

DaveyClark Sep 1, 2013

  1. DaveyClark

    DaveyClark Member

    Hey all, got set up with a Dension DAB adaptor to hook up to the stereo along with an indoor/windscreen mounted amplified DAB aerial, unfortunately, as I kinda knew from past experience, the signal drops in an out unless you place it in a completely gash-looking position (middle of windscreen with wires protruding out!)

    Shame, as I love seeing the DAB info on the driver DIS as it scrolls across with the DAB station, as well as the track that is playing...Great for Absolute 80s & 90s... Should I get my coat??

    Anyhow! Can't be dealing with it dropping signal ALL the time so really an outside aerial is the only option, I don't want a tacky stick-on outside one where the wire is visible as they look awful, so the solution is to get something like this...

    Kinetic DRA-6001 DAB/DABplus/FM/SW/MW/LW Car Radio Aerial Antenna

    Which will also (supposedly) improve the FM signal as well if that part is connected up also.

    I did notice the A3 doesn't actually have a visible aerial on the roof, even though the previous A3 I had, did have a Sharkfin type one on there.

    Has anyone ever had an aftermarket aerial fitted? Is it a massive job? Would have thought a car audio shop could do something like that in a couple of hours if that?
  2. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    I know others with glass mounted antennas without issues, show us a pic of how you fitted it showing the wires.
  3. TFSIer

    TFSIer 2.0TFSi Sport Sportback 2006

    Got one of these on my A3 Kinetic DEGA-T4001 DAB Car Radio Aerial Antenna . Mounted top LHS of windscreen. Cable runs inside A pillar trim then under glovebox (or under carpet). Near perfect reception (much better than previous screen and magnetic mount ones I've tried). Aerial you listed would look nicer but as there's no holes in my roof at present I don't want to start making any (hassle, cost, leaks, rust etc).
  4. DaveyClark

    DaveyClark Member

    I know what you mean mate, but that would look a bit gash if im being honest :( no offence obviously! Just think anything stuck to a windscreen is tacky and not really for Audi's, more for a 1999 Ford Focus or something.

    Whilst I contradict myself 'anything stuck to a windscreen' this is the one I bought to try and keep it as discreet as possible (I did have the wiring tucked in the A-Pillar but that box thing on the wire needs to be exposed as there is no signal otherwise!);

    Those rubber mounts can be taken off as the middle section actually has some 3M tape, but you need to find the best position before sticking it in place and removing the rubber suction things, unfortunately, the 'best place' doesn't seem to be anywhere not in full show.
    That is actually passenger side right close to the a-pillar, very discreet, but **** signal, I tried having it higher up and horizontal (out of sight but top of windscreen not under the roof lining) and still **** signal (if not worse) If I push it further out it into view the signal is better but it looks awful.
    Can't put it in the middle as wing-mirror is in the way and it would look bad lower than the mirror.

    Photo 01-09-2013 18 45 57.jpg

    I had another type of DAB aerial on my Leon, the usual 'glass mount' ones you see with a wire, they look tacky as well as it's like a piece of sellotape holding a thin wire on the screen!

    Starting to think it's worth just paying a couple of hours labour to an audio shop to drill a hole in the roof and fit an aerial, once you've had DAB it's difficult to go back to normal radio stations! We all love a bit of Duran Duran on Absolute 80's surely... ;)

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