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Anyone here breaking an A3 pre facelift or know of one?

portsA318T Jan 30, 2007

  1. portsA318T

    portsA318T 'The boat can leave now, tell the crew'

    Just after a couple of things for the interior. I would post in the wants section but haven't got enough posts. :uhm:

    After a new gearknob (no scratches) and a seatbelt clasp complete with the stalk (passenger side) and a pair of clips that the boot strings attach to.

    Any ideas would be great. Other than the obvious auction sites.

    Mods: I would be greatful if you could post this in the relevant section. Thanks.
  2. nick1973

    nick1973 Member

    try motor sinmotion in worshop
    german recycled in lighton buzzuard
    4 rings in thorne

    or ebay

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