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Anyone have a legal background?!

A4Chad Jan 24, 2013

  1. A4Chad

    A4Chad Member

    Hi All..

    I have posted this on the A4 B7 forum too but though I should also ask here.

    I have recently bought an A4 Cab 2.0tdi (2007) S-Line which has had a couple of little niggles from the start. I ran it into a local indy (auto-barn in waterlooville, hampshire) and they have come up with the following.

    I trust the indy, they have called me and told me that there is something a bit suspect about the car. The issues I have (judder / vibration at c70mph+) are down to, they think, engine mounts which have worn - and they think the engine has been out before but not sure why. They also have found that the turbo whistle I have is more than it should be and is due to a completely knackered turbo that is leaking oil (dripping). They said someone has had the turbo out before as the pipe on it has been stuck up with sealant, they also said the DPF has been off before. Their feeling is that something is being covered up on the car. It has an audi dealer background up until the last service when it was serviced by cheshunt autos (a porsche specialist apparently - not local to me at all but I bought the car 200 miles from home!). I didnt think anything of it when I saw the stamp but the indy has pointed out that it looks a bit dodgy and was done at spot on 60k miles too.

    There is also a clatter which they think could be something lose in the engine!

    Now I have had the car for about 6 weeks, and the garage I bought it from have asked for a report so they can go to the warranty company and arrange to have the work done. If it is all done correctly, I guess I'll be alright with it.. but should I be concerned do you think? And does anybody know where i stand regarding the law on buying a used car? I.e. is there a cooling off period or something within which I can ask for my money back?! I'm starting to feel a little uneasy about the whole thing tbh..

    Any help appreciated.. ! ​
  2. francium

    francium New Member

    I had a similar problem with a Nissan Skyline GTR I purchased a few years ago was fine when I picked it up then after a couple of weeks developed some gearbox problems. I took it to a specialist who informed me the gearbox was knackered, the car was sold with no warrenty so I thought I was screwed. I rang trading standards who were quite helpful and informed me as a motor trader the garage selling the car has a duty of care to make sure the car is fit for purpose and a car with no gearbox isn't. I rang the dealer informed him the gearbox was knackered which he didn't seem to care about until I told him I had spoken to trading standards and I would like my money back he soon changed his tune and agreed.

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