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Anyone had there 3 door 8p s3 nicked in sunbury on Thames Middlesex

Lings Jun 7, 2011

  1. Lings

    Lings Active Member

    Grab the fogs and grilles off it for us lol
  2. Hellz

    Hellz Geordie Racer

    Who'd have thought the above would come back to cause me problems!

    I flew down to Heathrow to pick my S3 up yesterday. I had agreed to pick the car up at the airport as the car was based in Reading and it meant a lot more travel south when ultimately I needed to get back north so meeting at airport was more convenient. I was met by a couple of hungarian guys (genuinely nice guys) which initially had me wondering whether the sale was legit - they were employees of the seller. The owner of the car was a member of the aristocracy (their 4th car!) which also had me wondering whether it was an elaborate scam before we even travelled down.

    The hungarian guys begin leading us to the car which is on an upper level of one of the many car parks. As we near the car there were a number of metropolitan police vehicles parked supsiciously close by... as we got closer they're surrounding the car. I looked at my partner and just said, this is stolen - wasted money on flights etc.

    Police ask the Hungarian guys whether its their car to which they rightly say no. An even longer story short, the car in the above pictures was stolen to do a job, they had cloned the plates from the car I was buying which was setting off the police ANPR's and led them to Heathrow. The timing of it was comedic.

    In the end I bought the car (which is fantastic btw - pics later) at a further reduced price, metro police and owner were great with us.

    The police had a bit of a giggle that I was having to drive back to Newcastle in light of the fact it takes up to 24 hours to remove the stolen/suspicious notification from the PNC which meant I should in theory get stopped by police up and down the country. Fortunately, I didnt get stopped once. They also told me not to drive it like it was stolen :D
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2011

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