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Anyone had problems with Koni adjustables

nfluester Feb 8, 2004

  1. nfluester

    nfluester Member

    had to change me shocks for my MOT last october so I treated myself to Koni shocks and h&r springs.

    got a mate at a garage to fit them (on the cheap) and I passed my MOT,

    anyway about a week later I thaught I would have a play and adjust them however the adjuster is rock solid and won't turn at all.

    they have been like this for the last 3 months and to be honest the ride is fine, it's just that I went for adjustables so I could do exactly that adjust them.

    of course none of this wouldn't have happened if I hadn't been such a cheap skate and got AMD to fit them in the 1st place /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gif anyway they are still under warranty it's just the fact that I would have to pay £150 odd to get them swaped out.

    Anybody know of any tricks to free them up or do I bite the bullet and get it booked in.



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