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Anyone had a claim with Elephant Insurance?

SimonP Jun 10, 2004

  1. SimonP

    SimonP Member

    I'm just in the process of renewing the insurance on my S3 and Elephant.co.uk come in with a good quote, but I am wondering what they (or the underpinning Admiral) are like in the event of a claim?

    Currently they come in significantly less than my current insurer, Norwich Union, who are a known quantity, and privilege can't do any better.

    However my wife knew someone who had terrible problems getting money and information out of Admiral after writing off a car.

    So, anyone had experience of claiming off them, was it a seriously unpleasant experience?

    Any other suggestions for good reputable companies to try?

  2. Grant

    Grant Well-Known Member VCDS Map User Audi RS3

    I'm insured with Admiral, and when a guy went up the back of me, they were excellent!
  3. recomdos

    recomdos Active Member

    [ QUOTE ]
    Imola S3 said:
    I'm insured with Admiral, and when a guy went up the back of me, they were excellent!

    [/ QUOTE ]

    hmmmmmmmm - I'm with admiral and they have been ok - but because my accident is with the other parties insurance being that of a traders policy I'm chasing the claim up myself, purely because it's such a faff on gettinjg the right departments etc, I can imagine some claims dealer for admiral sitting at their desk getting nowhere and my claim getting further and further down the pile. Also I'm doing it so I don't have to pull out a penny from my pocket. I'm at the last hurdle now, just trying to get the assessor to come and check my car over (make sure I'm not claiming for lots of extras) and then the work can be done! Been waiting ages, will call today and threaten no action will result in the solictors following up the case /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif that should move their lil assess!
  4. excursion

    excursion Member

    [ QUOTE ]
    Imola S3 said:
    I'm insured with Admiral, and when a guy went up the back of me, they were excellent!

    [/ QUOTE ]


    I'm with Admiral, unbeatable on price although I've not made a claim yet *touch wood*
  5. Gambba

    Gambba Active Member

    Yeah had Elephant when I was still living in the UK and the claim I had when some ponce ran into the side of Beemer went through smoothly without a problem and were very quick to approve the BMW repairshop quote.

  6. cybrey

    cybrey Member

    I was with Admiral and they were truley ******* awful. I had a fairly complicated accident involving 3 cars, I hit someone who had already had an accident but who was on my side of the road ( If you follow what I mean). It took them 3 months to find out that I was not a fault, despite me hitting someone on my side of the road.

    They only give you car for 2 weeks ( which is standard across insurance companies), because I was claiming not to be at fault they give you the car from a different company. At the time I was driving over 150 miles a day ( my insurance was paid up for this mileage), but they told I was only allowed to 500 miles a week on the car.

    Because the were still trying to work out whether I was at fault or not they took the hire car back after two weeks and I was without a car for 2.5 months, in the end I had to buy a 'disposable' one /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

    When the eventually decided that I wasn't at fault they sent me cheque for 1000 quid less than the cars value, on 3.5K this is a lot of money .. took a further 3 weeks to get a figure close to what I wanted as it kept having to go higher up the company..

    Claims for excess are then handled by another company and it took a further 6 months to get my excess back, only 300 quid so not too bad.

    But apart from that they're great... I'm now with Direct Line, there quote was perfectly reasonable but I've not had a to make claim from them ( and hopefully won't ever have to). But so far every little thing I've asked for they've sorted out without a problem.. like adding people to the insurance for a day for free etc, these type of things always seem a lot of bother for Admiral.

  7. Markb

    Markb Active Member

    I am just going through with a claim with Admiral at the moment and they seem to be pretty good so far.

    I've chased them, but they have also called me.

    I'll let you know how it all goes on.
  8. richy

    richy Member

    i deal with insurance companys as my job but dont deal with the car trade... but if anyone needs any help with regards what to say.. who to talk to give me a buzz..

  9. jcs356

    jcs356 Brum brum

    I had a 'total loss' claim with Elephant following theft of my S3 in March this year. They were pretty tough to deal with at first - but I just put that down to the fact that all insurance co's do this to try to fob you off and accept a poor deal.

    After several weeks of persistence, they came back with a great offer that I accepted at once (they offered to total loss the car, but not record it providing I purchased salvage for 30% of total loss value).

    I'm left with a repaired S3 at half the price I paid for it and the rest of the money in the bank. I'm sure there is a catch somewhere, but I can't spot it. Elephant were even kind enough to insure the car again for me.
  10. Add7

    Add7 Member

    f#cking hell mate, RESULT!

    Just walk away slowly mate!!!!!!
  11. MingBluS3

    MingBluS3 Member

    Have you bothered to Run a HPI check on it since to double check they have not registered it?

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